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I finally got an e-mail address thought I would write it in the book. T hanks again everyone for making this a great party. I just hope that we can all get together again and do something along the same lines hey maybe the kids can even write the next one and let the adults act it out. well that's all later. Donna (A.K.A. Ms. White the wife of the murder victim)
Donna Oertel <>
Willow Grove, PA USA - Saturday, August 14, 1999 at 22:16:01 (PDT)

Holy smokes I look so gay, ugh. You guys do realize we're the only people that will ever bother signing or looking at the guestbook, right? hehe Oh well, maybe I'll link my homepage to it. Awesome party, much thanks to Liza and her family.
Scott <>
Huntingdon Valley, PA USA -

The Clue party was an amazing experience that I can honestly say my life would not be the same without. I think all the credit needs to go to Shep and Betsy, their planning skills are endless. Also, to Liza's entire family for all their time and effort. It was the best party I have ever been to, and I would recommend it to anyone, no matter what your age be. Again, thanks to all the guests and help for making it a great time and a great Halloween. ~ Kevin Erik Tressler ~ A.K.A. Colonel Mustard
Kevin Erik Tressler <>
Glenside, PA USA -

just writing to say i changed my email address.....i love the site...the pics are so neat! we're on the internet!! how neat! well, byebye
LeeAnn ^~^~Miss Scarlet^~^~ <>

I was Prince Marroon. The party was a blast, kudos to the designers. Hope we can do it again next year.
Brendan McQuiggan <>
Willow Grove, Pa USA -

This party was a great idea for a teenage party. We could not have never been able to pull it of without Shep and Betsy. Thanks to them this party turned out to be a great success.Mr. and Mrs. Poor were also very kind to let us use their house for the party. I could also not forget Sidney the french maid, who may I say did a fantastic job playing her part. The party was a great success NEXT TIME we do it lets try to get Rachel to help. Well thanks again. Donna Oertel (aka Mrs.White)
Donna <Don't got one!>
Willow Grove, PA USA -

It's a lot of fun, as long as you know what you're doing. This is a great idea if you want to get a big group of your friends together. Have fun! Madame Rose. @-->---
Abington, PA USA -

This was just about the best party ive ever gone to! thank you SO much shep and betsy for doin this for us...and thanks liza for inviting was the best! i highly suggest this kind of party to everyone! well, gotsta go now...byebye
^~^~Miss Scarlet^~^~ LeeAnn <>
North Hills, PA USA -

This was one of the absolute best party I've ever been to. Everybody got into character, and I had a blast. It was so-> much fun, besides that ever-present suspicion of spiked cocktails, and drugged food. There was a little misunderstanding between me and that plot, but I think it worked out pretty kewl. NEways, I seriously recommend this for people who don't want to stick with the same old party plan. I think this party was put together beautifully, the invitations were incredibly kewl. Owel, Got2Go, <3ya, Carolynn (Mrs. Peacock)
Mrs. Peacock <>
Glenside, PA USA -

Hi! This is Miss. Shell. To anyone who is intrested in this do it, it was a blast. The best part is that it's totally improve so it leaves room for so much fun and hysteria. The way that everyone becomes their charicter is even better then the murder it self. If you do it right and don't tell anything to anyone, unless told to do so, it turns out great. You even find stuff out about you that you didn't even know. Like I said before, it's a blast and a definate Kodac moment!
Chell <>
abington, PA USA -


This was the coolest party ever! Many thanks to the housekeeper and the Inspector! ~Liza~
"Contess Emerald" <>
Meadowbrook, PA USA -

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Shep <>
Elkins Park, PA USA -

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