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Greasemonkey is great. I'm having trouble justify the time to really dive into it with such a limited audience, but I'm having fun with it. Anyway, I've written a couple of greasemonkey scripts now, mostly for my personal use and fun, but they may be useful to others.

All my scripts are hosted at

SiteAdvisor Copilot

SiteAdvisor from McAfee is a Firefox extension that gives you a color-coded (green-yellow-red) web safety indicator for your current browser site and all search result sites. I've found this to be a very cool tool for both me and for the technically challenged folks in my life.

The problem is SiteAdvisor tells you about links from search sites only. It's often important to know about other links, especially targeted text advertisement links. SiteAdvisor Copilot adds this functionality.

McAfee's SiteAdvisor Plus goes one step further by optionally redirecting you to a SiteAdvisor site when you try to browse a red site. It's a nice bonus feature, but I think its also important to know what to expect before you click.

To run SiteAdvisor Copilot you need to be running Firefox, you need to have the SiteAdvisor extension installed (the Firefox version, either the free or the plus edition), the Greasemonkey extension installed, and then install the SiteAdvisor Copilot.

Note to would-be developers: It is trivially easy to change this Greasemonkey script to cut out McAfee's name while using their content, or to eliminate the need for SiteAdvisor to be installed at all. Please don't do it. McAfee owns the SiteAdvisor content, and they have the right to control their works and to try to make a buck. As much as possible I've tried to comply with their EULA and TOS while writing SiteAdvisor Copilot, as I would expect anyone to comply with whatever copyright/copyleft/copycenter license I attach to my own work.

Other than that, play all you want with the script!

Release Notes, Version 0.1:

Expected Next Versions:

Possible future stuff as I work towards version 1.0:

Known Issues/Limitations:

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