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The Year In Review

Okay, we're totally lame. It's one thing to be a few months behind on posting the kids' photos, but this time we went a whole year between updates. For a pictorial version of what we've been up to since late 2007, check out the 225 photos newly uploaded to Nia, Sophie and Justin's pages.

2008 Pumpkins

Following three days of craziness, swollen fingers, and pumpkin juice rash, this year's carvings are up.
Update: The kids and the Obama pumpkin are on

Kid's Quotes Update

The Twitter fad lasted a full month, but due to the site's ongoing technical difficulties I've decided to move the kids quotes back here.

Twittering Poor Kids

Betsy and I are always saying we need to post the great kid quotes we hear throughout our day, but somehow we never get to it. I've starting using Twitter to post the quickies.

For those new to Twitter, its like an SMS hub for broadcasting short messages with your friends. You can get/send messages with your phone, IM, web, RSS, etc. Its worth checking out, at least as the fad of the week.