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Despite the nationwide pumpkin shortage, it was a pretty good year for carving. The display tended away from some of the scarier designs I've done in the past and towards well-known cartoon characters in deference to my preschool audience (though truthfully, not much scares them anyway). We had a record 317 trick-or-treaters and a handful of people who came just to see the pumpkins, so they were much enjoyed... which is a good thing, since by 8:00 this morning, they'd already been hauled off with the trash!

Marie Antoinette Redux

My latest Mortifying Moment of Parenthood can be seen in this photo of the girls at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire last weekend. I thought I was taking a lovely view of them in their princess dresses during a horse and carriage ride; it wasn't until I clicked off several shots that I noticed that Nia was ostentatiously flashing her new crystal ring at passersby... while wearing it on her middle finger. As far as I know, she's unaware of the meaning of the gesture, but she nonetheless looks like a miniature noblewoman flipping off the rabble. Sigh.

Third quarter photos are up!

Back when Nia was a baby we did a monthly photo journal, and when Sophie was a baby every photo was captioned... but with three kids at 24 shots each, that's 72 pictures, so we're just glad we got them up by the last day of the quarter! We hope you'll enjoy them, too -- just click on the names to the left.

Adding more features

For those who've discovered the wonders of news aggregators, I’ve added a simple RSS feed to track changes on the main page.

'Tis the season (one of them, anyway)

Pumpkin carving season began early with a set of three jack-o-lanterns for Sid's "Talk Like a Pirate Day" party. Check out some examples from past Halloweens.

Chez Poor is up and running

We have a new domain name. Thanks for the other suggestions - was a close second. All our old and new content will now be hosted at, and we are one step closer to being completely free of Comcast.